About Us


In 2003, ConstructU was started to expose children to science, engineering and technology, to introduce mathematical concepts in a fun way, to work jointly with parents, teachers, schools, camps and various organization to develop programs, workshops, and custom curriculum in STEM and to provide fresh, fun, "hands-on" programs for PK- 12th grades. 

ConstructU offers fun, “hands-on”, classes, workshops, professional development in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), along with STEM curriculum development, STEM curriculum enhancement, STEM curriculum customization, STEM custom workshops and team building sessions.  ConstructU customers range from The New Jersey State Museum, various Parks and Recreation Programs, various schools, Summer Camp Programs to Afterschool Programs. 

Some of our Classes

Books and STEM Activities

Inside Robotics Electricity, Motors, Gears and Energy)

Just VEX Robotics (Blocky Coding and Python)

Robotics and the Energy it uses (Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Hydro)

The STEM Leadership Simulation

Introduction to Electrical Power

Electricity and Electronics Workshop

Coding and the Raspberry Pi (Python, Sphero, JAVA script)

Renewable Energy

Our Philosophy

At ConstructU, we feel that “Students who grow within a STEM environment are destined to become our leaders, our entrepreneurs, our scientists, and our engineers. They are usually the ones who can see a problem and find a way to solve it, often by developing innovative technology.”  We provide a few assessments. First, students use concepts learned in class to build take home STEM projects. Second, students use the engineering design process to build and test their final design.  We also provide a pre-and post-test for each  workshop when required.