When my oldest son was in first grade, I picked him up from a play date. It was a cold winter day, and he had spent the entire time inside, playing on a gaming console. I understood that entertaining two active boys all day in the dead of winter isn’t easy – sometimes you can’t just tell them to go outside and play. Still, I felt there must be something better for them to be doing with all that time. 

Being an electrical engineer, I decided it was time to introduce my son to electrical circuits.


I discovered ROBOTIX® at a birthday party where this robotics kit was the center of attention. My son liked the party – and he loved the working with robotics - so I ordered a starter kit online. When the kit came in, we spent hours, then days building and rebuilding, learning everything the kit could offer.

Later, when he had problems with his math homework, I used the kit to help him understand the work. Don’t get me wrong, this kit did not solve all his math problems, but I could tell that it was enriching his education. 

That’s when I decided there was opportunity for kids like my son – and eventually figured out a way to create a business of my own so that my efforts would be sustainable. 

Thus, ConstructU was born. 

ROBOTIX® is a registered trademark of ROBOTICS & THINGS • P.O. Box 36 • Simi Valley, CA 93062-0036